Reports are growing that Francis Coquelin could be facing a number of months on the sidelines after he did his knee against Chelsea on Saturday.

Trying to play on, the midfielder was forced to leave the pitch just moments after he picked up the problem in the first half and it wasn’t long after the game that reports in France were claiming that he had done his ACL. Of course, it was impossible to know for sure so soon after the game.

Tweeting this morning, Luke Goldsmith sent out a photo which was then retweeted by Mick The Gooner, a man I’ve met and who doesn’t have a tendency to tweet random stuff like this just for the sake of it. The photograph was allegedly taken at Highgate Hospital, a private facility that specialises in imaging and diagnostics, amongst other things.

It’s hard to tell if this really is Francis Coquelin in the photo, but I’m prepared to trust Mick and his judgement on this one, even though it’s hard to make the person out in the photo.

Doesn’t look good, does it?