The Italian media are reporting that Roma are left with a ‘bad taste’ in their mouth after Jack Wilshere opted to sign for Bournemouth instead of switching to Rome on deadline day.

Negotiations were underway, however Arsenal were asking Roma to pay a €3.5m fee for the deal, a lot more than they asked from the Cherries. Rumours emerged on Wednesday afternoon that the Gunners were playing hardball because Roma had messed the club around in their chase of defender Kostas Manolas.

Il Tempo claim that it was the inability to strike an agreement over the fee, rather than Jack’s unwillingness to move to the city, which caused the deal to collapse, leaving Luciano Spalletti without time to find an alternative.

When the rumours first emerged that Arsenal were being petty over the Manolas deal, I didn’t think it sounded like something the club would do, but it seems I might have been mistaken and Arsenal are not quite the nice guy in transfer negotiations that I’d like to believe.

As for Roma, they finished the window after being linked with absolutely everybody, by bringing in at least eight players.

That being said, of those eight, only one was a midfielder, and he was a player they already owned who was simply returning from a loan.