Harry Redknapp, perhaps missing leaning out of a car window on deadline day, has decided to get in on the action by telling us all that Arsene Wenger doesn’t believe that Jack Wilshere is good enough for Arsenal.

This from the man who tried to sell Gareth Bale multiple times.

“Jack Wilshere’s Arsenal career will be over if he doesn’t play well at Bournemouth this season,” Redknapp told the London Evening Standard.

“You can dress it up any way you like but it comes down to Arsene Wenger deciding Wilshere isn’t currently good enough to play for his team..

“Arsenal will say Wilshere needs some games but this is a season-long loan. It isn’t three months away where Arsenal will bring him back and reintegrate him into the team straight away.

“I’m looking at Wenger and thinking, ‘Hang on, Arsene, you don’t loan players like Jack out.’ Fitness can’t be the issue. If he is fit enough to play in the Premier League for Bournemouth, then he has to be ready physically to play for Arsenal.

“Wilshere just isn’t part of Wenger’s plans and given he has just two years left on his current deal at Emirates Stadium, what happens next summer? They will either have to offer him a new deal or sell him because Arsenal won’t want to lose him for nothing.

“Arsenal could yet change manager then, with Wenger in the final year of his contract, but either way Jack has to perform and prove himself the player we all know he can be.”

You don’t loan players like Jack out he said. This seems to be the basis of his claims. That, and playing for Bournemouth is the same as playing for Arsenal (no offence, Cherries)

Of course, it would be far too much for a man paid for his footballing opinions to actually know what he’s talking about.

In 2011 Arsenal did just this, with Aaron Ramsey after his leg break. They needed him to get consistent game time and they couldn’t afford to give him that in the Arsenal side as they couldn’t carry him while he found his form.

What did they do? They sent him on loan. Sure, it was only for a month, but Arsenal’s midfield options at that time meant they had less room to give than they do this season. It was never, ever about him ‘proving’ himself worthy and nobody at the time suggested it was. Perhaps because he isn’t English.

What happened after that? Ramsey came back to Arsenal and nailed down a spot and is so valued by Wenger that the boss shoehorns him in wherever he can, even to the detriment of Aaron’s game at times.

For Redknapp to claim he knows what Wenger is thinking is absurd. It’s what he’s thinking, and he’s a moron.

There is nothing, NOTHING, to indicate that Wenger has no interest in Wilshere. If that was the case, he could have simply sold him this summer and been done with it. But, according to Redknapp, we’re going to keep him for another year, get no benefit from him and then flog him with only one year left on his contract instead of two.

Smart move there, ‘Arry.

Shut up.