Mesut Ozil has revealed that he wants to be Arsenal’s number 10 after getting the same shirt number with Germany.

With Jack away from the club, perhaps Ozil senses an opportunity this season but it seems unlikely that Arsenal will allow him to have the shirt given the message that would send out about Jack’s future.

“Of course I have previously given those in charge a signal [that I would like the #10 shirt]. The number is right for me and my position as a playmaker,” Ozil said.

“Some like my style of play, others do not. All expect from me something special.

“This has always been so but I soon as I prepared not score or even shoot, many people are disappointed.”

He also spoke about his love for the number 10, adding, “That’s my favourite number. Great players who have played in my position as a playmaker who, the 10 worn legends like Pele, Maradona, Zidane.

“By parting from Lukas Podolski this number has fallen vacant [for Germany] – and I was very, very happy that I could wear it again now.

“This number reminds me again and again to the beginnings, as I wore as a teenager in the team this number. Or if we bought shirts big clubs, then never one with the number 11 or 9, but always the 10. I always wanted to be and I had this number in all the clubs when she was as free.

“This is a special relationship.”