Shkodran Mustafi has claimed for the second time that Mesut Ozil was the person to persuade him to sign for Arsenal.

Speaking recently, the centre-back revealed that Mesut spoke to him during the Euros – he’s been convinced he wanted to sign for us since then. Blimey. So much for the deal being off then?

“We were at the European Championship and we had time to speak,” Mustafi told Arsenal Player.

“He told me about the club, about the team, and the things that he told me made me come here.

“I noticed that it’s a club where I can develop, where I can grow as a player.

“He said that he’s happy here, that the people are crazy for football and that it’s a team that enjoys playing football the way that he does, the way that I do.”

As much as it’s great that Mustafi came to the club because he truly wants to, something else to take away from this is that, Ozil is happy with Arsenal. Not that the player hasn’t made that very clear.

The fact that the midfielder spoke with Mustafi at the Euros, however, isn’t new information. At the end of August, our new signing said as much.

“I did not see Per for a long time because he quit international football but I talked to Mesut,” he told Sky Sports Germany.

“He told me everything I wanted to know. Everything was positive, so I was convinced very fast. It did not take much.

“I have always loved Arsenal, I like how they play here, it is not typical English.

“The game here is more like in Spain and with the German national team, keeping the ball on the grass, so it was easy to convince me.”

What is clear is that Mesut seems wonderfully proud to play for our club. If he’s talking to his German teammate about how brilliant we are and how he should sign for us, it gives me the warm fuzzies.