Mesut Ozil has apparently signed a new contract with Arsenal and nicked Jack Wilshere’s no.10 shirt while he’s away on loan at Bournemouth.

The report, which originated in SportBild but has already grown legs and found its way over to the Sun, claims that the new deal will see Ozil become the highest paid player at the club and don the coveted no.10 shirt, occupied by Jack Wilshere.

The no.10 is often given to the most important player in the team and when we handed it to Wilshere in 2012 after Rob van Persie (probably) left it in a crumpled heap on the floor, this was seen by many as a statement of intent: we wanted to build a team around him. Despite his injury woes, Arsene Wenger saw him as the future of Arsenal.

On the face of it, I doubt most Arsenal fans would have an issue with Mesut being given the no.10 shirt. Many would welcome it. I mean, we should do whatever we can to keep him, right? But what does this mean for Jack? Is this as simple as him just changing a shirt when he returns to north London or is it bigger than that? Can you even change shirt numbers at this stage in the season?

Of course, we don’t even know how much truth there is to the claims, although SportBild tend to be more reliable than most, so we’ll have to see. But if Ozil has signed a new contract with us? Happy days!