According to various media outlets, including the Telegraph and the Daily Mail, Arsenal are pessimistic over Alexis Sanchez signing a contract extension and have made it a priority.

Other than the fact we’re a couple of weeks in the future, there’s not a lot different between these reports than the previous ones claiming that the Chilean would only sign if he had a release clause written in.

As it stands, we don’t know whether we’re closer, further away or neither from signing Alexis to another contract. He’s got two more years left on his existing one so it’s not as if he’s suddenly going to get up in the middle of September and wander off. The transfer window is shut and he’s not a free agent by any means.

The likes of Calciomercato and Tuttojuve are vaguely linking him with Juventus and Inter, most likely because he was in the summer.

Is there a chance he doesn’t want to sign his future to Arsenal? Of course there is. However, I have no doubt that we’re trying to do everything we can to come to an amicable agreement, which makes both parties happy.

As fans, we can’t do anything about any decision Alexis makes. However, getting upset and listening to the media rehash the same stories over and over again certainly won’t help.