Alexandre Lacazette is currently in the process of renegotiating his Lyon contract and it looks as if he will have a €70m release clause inserted, making him ‘worth’ twice what Arsenal were quoted this summer.

Of course, most people already know that €35m was too much for the Frenchman and now, with his club wanting €70m to let him go in the next summer window, he could be set to stay where he is until the end of this new five-year contract that’s coming his way.

That being said, given how nuts the transfer window is, by the time next summer rolls around, €70m might seem like an absolute bargain.

Nah, I don’t think so either.

If the reports about the clause are true then it would seem to be the final nail in the coffin of any dreams Wenger might have had of landing him. I’m still not convinced we were after him in the first place, at least not as frenetically as the press would have you believe. They were reporting bids and contact when all parties in the deal were saying nothing was going on, and the only ‘concrete’ reports of a bid, if you can call anything in the window ‘concrete,’ came late in the day when time was running out.

Either way, he’s one we can file away with Gonzalo Higuain.