Olivier Giroud has admitted that when he’s angry after he’s lost a game, it’s not easy for his family to deal with.

Speaking to Arsenal Player, the Frenchman heaped praise on his young family, who he says have changed his life but admitted that sometimes it’s hard to keep the anger following a loss away from them.

“My family and my friends are so important for me, so this is my balance today outside of football,” the 29-year-old said to Arsenal Player.

“If I feel well in my life, I will be maybe more efficient on the pitch.

“Now I’m a dad it has helped me to grow up and be more mature. This is an important part of my personality and I’m someone who is maybe sensitive and I need the support of my family.

“I think if you ask them, they will tell you that I’m still the same guy but with a lot of [motivation to make] them proud of me when I step on the pitch. I’m a family man and I like to enjoy life like every single person, but most important for myself is to take care of your family and your friends.”

“When I lose a game, I am very angry and it’s not easy for my family when I get back home – but I try to get back to my best level and make things change in a good way,” he said. “Obviously when you come back home and you see your children, you get the smile back.

“I didn’t forget where I came from, I can be more positive regarding the world around us. There are a lot of problems in the world and since I’m a dad I’ve always wanted to help children.”

I’m sure this is a common problem among footballers, considering it’s completely normal for regular people to take their work home with them. As long as there’s a line and the two worlds can be separated, which seems to be the case with Giroud, I doubt there’s any need to worry.

It’s good that Oli’s embracing fatherhood and that he has something positive to take him away from the slumps that he may find himself in because of his job. Football is supposed to be enjoyed and if seeing his kids’ smiles at the end of a hard day helps that, then he’s going to be just fine.