Olivier Giroud’s only gone and beaten Eric Canota’s goal tally for the France national team.

The striker netted his 21st goal in 55 appearances (including friendlies) for France during their 3-1 win against Italy; Cantona scored 20 (in 45 app.) for his country during his career.

Once again, we have some pretty solid evidence that Giroud is not, in fact, a terrible player. In fact, he’s now scored 11 goals in 13 appearances for Les Bleaus. Pretty impressive, no?

The thing is, Arsenal fans don’t go around claiming that the 29-year-old is a world beater or as good as Cristiano Ronaldo. But we do wish others would acknowledge that he’s not a ‘donkey’, ‘lamppost’ or in any way shape or form, a bad striker.

Although stats don’t tell the whole story and there’s no denying Arsenal did need to sign another striker this summer (hello Lucas), Oli’s are still pretty good and the criticism thrown at him is, at times, completely baffling.

Especially when you compare it to what the media and the like say about other players from other clubs (coughPogbacough).