Olivier Giroud has revealed that he told Tottenham’s £30m man, Moussa Sissoko, to give Arsenal the ‘priority’ however it’s not clear if Arsenal were even interested in him and, if they were, they certainly weren’t at £30m.

Sissoko moved on deadline day, stringing Everton along before zipping off to Tottenham where he was assured at least one season’s Champions League football.

Of course, within seconds of him arriving at Spurs, the internet was awash with Sissoko’s quotes declaring his undying love for Arsenal, which might be a bit embarrassing for most people but probably won’t phase on him at all.

Speaking while on international duty, Giroud said of his compatriot,  “I told him to give Arsenal the priority.

“It’s true it was a special conclusion, until the end, he didn’t know what he’d do. It’s good that it turned out well for him at the end.”

It’s not overly clear where Oli thinks Arsenal would have put Sissoko, but one thing is for sure – when Spurs rock up to the non-shadowy part of north London, Arsenal fans could very well be greeting him with a chorus of ‘Moussa Sissoko, he’s one of our own.’

You know, just for the bants.