Nicklas Bendtner could be about to sign for Nottingham Forest.

Arsenal face Nottingham Forest in the EFL in a couple of weeks and it appears as if our former striker, ‘Lord’ Bendtner could face us after three weeks of supposed negotiations with the Championship club.

The Dane is a free agent after being let go by Wolfsburg, reportedly because of his terrible attitude, which will come as a surprise to absolutely no one.

He was never a bad striker and could still be a decent signing if he can keep his head down. He will probably have to work on his fitness though, given the fact that he’s been out for so long, so I wouldn’t put money on him playing in the EFL that soon even if he does sign.

Saying this, if he is just returning to fitness, an EFL game may be the perfect debut.

All this is just Twitter speculation, of course, so I won’t hold my breath just yet.