The latest in the Hector Bellerin to Manchester City drama is that apparently former Arsenal midfielder, Mikel Arteta, is set to lure the defender to the Etihad… you what?

Everything about this story in the Daily Star is weird. Firstly, although I can’t be certain, I’m pretty sure that Arsenal wouldn’t sell Bellerin to City. We don’t need the money, even if they’re willing to offer a considerable lump, and he’s so young it simply wouldn’t make sense for us to disrupt our first team when we just don’t need to. He has so much potential with us, why throw that away?

I also think we’ve learnt our lessons when it comes to selling to rivals.

Secondly, Mikel Arteta is one of the most respectful, classy men to ever play for our club. I just don’t see him putting on his Dick Dastardly outfit and attempting to lure Bellerin to his doom… I mean Manchester.

I also don’t think that, as the report claims, that Bellerin would sign for City where he wouldn’t be guaranteed first team football, just because Arteta is a coach there. I know he respects the guy but seriously?

It seems like a bit of a reach and although I could be wrong, I hope I’m right.