Patrick Bamford has given a bit of a strange explanation for liking Mesut Ozil and Hector Bellerin’s pictures after Arsenal beat Chelsea 3-0 on Saturday.

The forward, who’s currently at Burnley on loan, set about liking a couple of pictures that the Arsenal lads posted after our win against our London rivals at the weekend and the Chelsea fans weren’t pleased.

To be fair, you can understand why the Blues’ fans were rather annoyed by his social media activity considering he was directly liking pictures of the Gunners celebrating their win…

If an Arsenal player did that, whether he was out on loan or not, I would be pretty livid.

However, Bamford has now explained why he did it.

Did his finger slip? Did someone set him up? Was it all in the name of #Banter?

Did the dog steal his phone?


It seems like a pretty odd excuse to me. Just liking his friends’ picture… his friends who happen to be Bellerin and Ozil (apparently) and had just beaten his current team?

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Chelsea fans certainly aren’t buying it.