Bournemouth chairman, Jeff Mostyn, has admitted that it’s possible that they could attempt to sign Jack Wilshere permanently but it would set the Cherries back potentially £64m.

During the Soccerex Global Convention in Manchester, Mostyn said that although anything is possible, all the Cherries want to do at this moment in time is help Wilshere get where he needs to be. He even acknowledged that Jack might see Arsenal as his home, which is probably true. However, at the end of the loan spell, if he could convince the board to potentially fork out £64m, there’s a chance.

“The best we can do is integrate Jack into the team and help him fulfil what he wants,” he said.

“Whether or not we will go beyond a season, I think everything is possible.

“You have to be realistic and Jack may well consider his home to be back at Arsenal.

“If that was the case then we couldn’t disagree with his decision – and the decision will be his.

“But if there is a possibility and Eddie Howe decides that he’s somebody he wants to keep it will be up to him.

“He will have to persuade [owner] Maxim Demin to unload a huge treasure chest in order to keep him.

“That would be the $64m question – it may even be the £64m transfer fee!”

The comments, as far as I can see, don’t rule anything out but why would you? If Jack does well and wants to stay, who’s to say they couldn’t persuade him? If he can’t get regular football at Arsenal, it could be a decision he has to make.

However, at this moment in time, I don’t think it will happen. Arsene Wenger seems very keen to keep hold of Wilshere and as far as we understand it, this loan spell is purely to get his fitness back to a competitive level.

This is still presumably the plan.

Saying this, as Mostyn said, anything’s possible.