Theo Walcott might have been grabbing all the headlines this season thanks to his decision to finally give a f**k  but Hector Bellerin has also been putting in the work to get faster and better on the pitch, but we don’t notice that as much because he wasn’t lazy to begin with.

Speaking to British GQ ahead of the launch of some version of Call of Duty, the Arsenal defender mostly spoke about daft things, but just as he was about to get into the day he signed for Arsenal the producer cut him off so they could ask insightful reader questions such as ‘will you race Usain Bolt?’

Thankfully, before that, he had managed to fit in some interesting information about what he’s been doing to improve himself.

Here’s what he had to say.

“Last year, maybe once a week I’d get in the gym and do some weights but since coming back from the summer I just wanted to get stronger, get a bit bigger [so] I’ve been in the gym every day after training.

“Obviously not on my days off, but around four, five, six days a week.

“At the beginning it was a bit hard but after a month I just got into a habit, so like straight after training I just take my boots off and put my shoes on and go straight to the gym. I’m warmed up already so just 30 minutes, 45 minutes in the gym, shower and go home.

“I’ve been doing a load of leg work in the last three years. Obviously I was fast before, but I got a few seconds quicker just by doing that.

“I’m only 21, so I’ve loads to improve. Even the oldest player has something to improve.

“What motivates me? The motivation of getting better and maybe one day leaving a legacy, people remembering you when you’re no longer playing.

“That’s what I’m working for every day.”