Hector Bellerin has challenged Usain Bolt to a race (again) but Arsene Wenger doesn’t appear to have high hopes for the right-back.

Bellerin is lightning quick but Bolt is an Olympic Gold Medal winner. As speedy as our Spaniard is, it’s doubtful that he could actually beat the Jamaican over 100m.

The current club record is 4.42 seconds over 40m, which was set by Theo Walcott, and while Bellerin insists that he’s quicker than his teammate, we’re yet to see any definitive proof.

When asked about his race with Bolt, Bellerin shifted the blame.

“It’s not me you have to ask, I’ve been waiting for that phone call from Jamaica,” Bellerin joked.

“I challenged him a while ago and he said maybe after Rio. So I’m just waiting now, need to push him.”

Somewhat hilariously, when Arsene Wenger heard about the little race Bellerin wanted to have, he smiled and backed Bolt to win it. Well, I guess he would know.

“Well, that is a bit ambitious [for Hector]!” Wenger said.

“Usain Bolt loves football but I think he’s still too quick for Hector!”

It’s all in good fun and if the two athletes one day do race, at least it’ll put the whole debate to bed. I know I for one have been losing sleep over it.

Also, where does Theo fit into all this? Might as well stick him in there somewhere.

Here’s a video of Bellerin dashing around all over the place. See, he could totally win.