Despite all the reported ‘drama’ surrounding Alexis Sanchez’s future at Arsenal, the club are apparently still confident that Mesut Ozil will sign a new deal.

Ozil has never made any secret of the fact that he loves London, Arsenal and everything that goes along with it. He’s never made any hint that he wants to leave – quite the opposite. Therefore, the fact that we’re apparently confident that he’ll extend his existing contract in north London, which currently expires in 2018, shouldn’t be a huge surprise.

Recently, the German said, “At Arsenal I definitely have a special relationship since they played Thierry Henry and Dennis Bergkamp and later with Jens Lehmann, a German goalkeeper. They were playful always very, very good. Since I have always thought that this is an awesome team, for which I would like to play again. So I probably realised my goals.

My first goal is really to stay healthy. Everything else comes as it comes. You always have to work hard on yourself, but you can’t ultimately force anything. I just try to successfully play football and enjoy my life. Because what I do, I love them dearly.

I am very, very happy there. The city is alive, outstanding. Have you ever been there?

“It is unfortunately very expensive, but the city is outstanding, there is always something going on, things to do when it’s time for the family to visit.

“And the league is in my opinion the strongest league in the world, because it is so balanced.

“I’m just happy to be there and to play for Arsenal. I have always been lucky enough to play in play strong teams, in which, so to speak a little bit can be cast.That makes a lot of fun.

“I recently read that I hadn’t stayed anywhere longer than three years.

“At Arsenal I am now going into my fourth year. That says a lot.

“And the TV money will be invested, it is even more interesting.”

Does that really sound like he’s leaving?

The longer the negotiations go on, the more antsy fans (and probably Arsenal) are going to get but all we can do is trust the process.

It’s not as simple as walking into a room, asking the player if they’re happy and then waving a piece of paper under their chin. For example, Mesut is reportedly getting a decent pay rise.

There’s also other factors, such as agent fees, bonuses, appearances etc all to be taken into account.