Mundo Deportivo are claiming that Shkodran Mustafi’s transfer to Arsenal is as good as done and is just ‘pending announcement’.

On Tuesday I came across an unknown person claiming that the deal would be announced today (Wednesday) but, of course, this being the internet, it’s best not to pay too much attention to those sorts of things. Maybe I should have, who knows.

Anyway, this transfer has been all over the place in the last 48 hours or so. It’s been on, off, we’ve bid and haven’t bid, and it’s been a really hard story to cut through the crap with, mostly because there’s been so much of it in the absence of any real information.

[via Sport Witness]
But before you go getting too excited, it seems as if the Spanish paper might have got their reports from Germany and those might have come from some unreliable tweets which were picked up by Sky (Sky Sources, ha!).

So, is Mustafi *really* ‘pending announcement’?

Probably not.

This is Arsenal, we don’t move that quickly, even though we apparently wanting Valencia to move a bit quicker.

Mustafi does seem to be on his way somewhere according to his former friend and teammate and no other clubs are being linked with him at this point. It would seem to be just a matter of time, although how much time is still open to debate.

Good thing we don’t have to face the Premier League champions this weekend with an inexperienced and young centre back pairing, eh? …oh wait….