Nacho Monreal received a ‘kick’ against Watford but the Arsenal team are not worried about it being anything more serious.

The left-back was replaced by Kieran Gibbs after 74 minutes and speaking to the media after the game, Wenger said “Nacho Monreal has a kick but nothing major.”

The good news is that we now enter an interlull and with no international call up for Nacho he can do nothing but concentrate on letting hit heal.

A quick tip, get some Arnica, it’s beyond amazing for helping bruises to clear quickly. This isn’t homeopathy, it’s natural medicine which is different entirely. Arnica is like some sort of miracle cure for bruising, no matter how severe. After surgery recently, I was taking it after being advised to by the surgeon, and bruises which were nothing short of aubergine-like, cleared in just a few days.

You’re welcome, Nacho.