On Sunday afternoon, Shkodran Mustafi gave his first interview after agreeing to join Arsenal.

Amongst comments that covered why he decided to sign, who he spoke to at Arsenal and why the deal took so long, Mustafi also dropped this little gem which would seem to hint at a new deal for Arsene Wenger:

Of course, Wenger could do what Sir Alex Ferguson did when he lured Robin van Twatface to Old Trafford – tell him he had no intention of retiring and then retire anyway – but that isn’t Arsene’s style. He puts a lot stock in his word and it would seem that, barring an absolute catastrophe of a season, he will sign a new deal to stay on at the club.

Many think that if he was to win the league or the Champions League he could bow out on a high, but I don’t think these people have been paying attention to Wenger over the years. This is a man addicted to winning (despite what many seem to think) and to win big again would only spur him on to do more.

We know the board will hand him one happily, so now it’s all just down to the manager.

What do you think?