Arsenal went to Watford, blew them away in the first half, wobbled a bit in the second, but held on to take all three points back to the Emirates.

So, what did we learn?

The only people who know why we weren’t wearing red and white are PUMA

Arsenal lined up in their third kit, you know, the one that looks as if Chelsea have vomited all over it. Being navy and yellow, this seemed like a peculiar choice against a side who play in yellow and black.

Call me old fashioned, but away kits are only for when the visiting side’s home kit is too similar to the home. I may be losing my eyesight as I age, but I’m pretty sure that red and white are less like yellow and black than navy and yellow.

Our penalty jinx is over

When Kevin Friend eventually pointed to the spot after Alexis had been elbowed in the head (and got booed for the pleasure), we all wondered who would step up to miss this week’s. But we need not have feared. Not only did Santi Cazorla end Arsenal’s awful recent record with penalties, but he also ended his own goal drought which stretched back 40 games.

Xhaka’s balls are immense

I’m not overly sure what else I can add to this. They are. Money very, very, very well spent by Arsene Wenger and by the end of the season he’s going to look like an absolute bargain.

How Arsenal could line up in 2017/18

The Ox has realised it’s no longer pre-season

Wasn’t he great, until this game at least. Now, he’s back to being his usual twirling defensive liability. For Watford’s goal he could be seen sauntering back at his leisure as Nacho desperately tried to work out which of the three Hornets bearing down on him he should be dealing with. By the time Santi got there, the ball had been crossed and the Ox was only just coming into the picture at a pace that makes my granny look like Usain Bolt. This is not a new problem with him.

It doesn’t take much to make Arsenal fans happy

Half time was, perhaps, the happiest I’ve seen Arsenal fans since the last FA Cup win. We were three up without reply, playing beautiful football, and still glowing from the news of two new imminent arrivals. That’s all we’ve ever wanted, really, a squad that works hard, takes its chances, and doesn’t have huge holes in when there is no need to have holes.

As I said, not much.