With Barcelona needing a right-back and Hector Bellerin being amazing, it was inevitable that they would come knocking – or the press would, at the very least, claim they did.

Linked with a return to Barcelona and a move to Manchester City to play under Pep Guardiola, Hector has not been quiet about how happy he is at Arsenal.

His words mean little to the rumour-mongers.

So it’s refreshing to hear him come out and defend his position once again, if for no other reason than it shuts down some nonsense for a little while at least.

There were many factors but I was the one that chose to come here,” Bellerin reportedly told The Sun according to the London Evening Standard.

“They were unhappy when it happened but I chose my path and I am really happy with the chance that I took.”

That’s quite different to what the Sun were saying on 18th July when they claimed Hector was considering a move to City.

With the new season just around the corner, Bellerin gave his assessment of how he thinks things will.

“Everyone is looking really excited so I don’t think anyone should have a worry how we start the league.

“The first game is always important as you want to show what you have. You have to make sure you get three points.

“We need to adapt to the new managers and teams. The level will be higher than years before so we need to get ready.

“We need to get better than last season as it was not that successful. We finished in second place and hopefully we can make this one better.”