Le10Sport in France are reporting ‘exclusively’ that Arsenal are blocking Mathieu Debuchy’s exit from the club after allowing Calum Chambers move to Middlesbrough on a season-long loan.

Debuchy is reportedly out with a calf injury, which the Mirror claimed was causing him problems in finding a new club, and earlier today it was reported that Debuchy was prepared to ‘stay and fight for his place’ which, if you ask me, sounds most unlike something you’d expect to come out of his mouth.

He has, after all, done nothing but moan since he returned from injury to find his place taken by a young Spanish upstart.

Le10Sport are not exactly what you would call reliable, but the move, or non-move as it were, would make sense. Arsenal have paid Debuchy’s wages while he has mostly been unable to play. It is now his turn to repay that by sitting his arse on the bench and being a team player.