With more money than ever being given to Premier League clubs in TV deals, it’s disheartening to see how this could affect Arsenal.

Unlike most other leagues, the Premier League tends to pay an even amount (£40-50m) to all the clubs. In La Liga, the top teams get given vastly larger sums of money. This maintains a sort of hierarchy where the likes of Barcelona and Real Madrid can continue signing the best players in the world, while the likes of Granada and Sporting Gijon couldn’t dream of affording top players.

Although this seems harsh, there is simply more interest in watching the Catalan giants, than the smaller teams and therefore, they get better deals.

In the Premier League, although the top teams do get slightly more, the margin isn’t nearly as big. With the expansion of TV deals, comes the ability for ‘smaller’ Premier League clubs to buy better players and even pay them more. This is why we’re seeing ‘crazy’ transfers, like former Barca goalkeeper, Victor Valdes, moving to newly promoted club, Middlesbrough.

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