Manchester City’s pursuit of Hector Bellerin has allegedly unsettled the young defender, leaving Arsenal livid.

City were allegedly after the right-back earlier in the transfer window but after we refused to entertain talks, they backed off seemingly by themselves, no thanks to Bellerin’s agent who seemed intent on stirring the pot. However, according to reports, it was anything but voluntary and it was Arsenal issuing them with a warning.

The reason for our anger? The speculation has supposedly shaken Bellerin up and he’s become unsettled, which I have trouble believing and here’s why.

LA ROCHELLE, FRANCE – JUNE 10: Hector Bellerin of Spain faces the media during a press conference on June 10, 2016 in La Rochelle, France. (Photo by David Ramos/Getty Images)

Firstly, the reports were a complete flash in the pan. They stopped as quickly as they’d started and nothing really serious came of it. Did them inquire about him? I’m sure they did and I’m also sure 21-year-old Bellerin would have been intrigued, hearing that Pep Guardiola wanted him. This is no doubt only the beginning of Pep’s pursuit of our player. However, I highly doubt the reports were around for long enough to unsettle him.

Secondly, Bellerin seems very happy at Arsenal; he’s said as much. At City, sure he might get paid more but he’s also less likely to play every game – with us he is. He’s a sensible man, he knows this.

You know who would also get paid more should he go to City but who doesn’t really care about how much playing time Bellerin gets? Ding ding ding: his agent.

Saying all of this…did we tell City hands off? I hope so.