Alexis Sanchez has posted another picture of his ankle and this time it looks much more like a normal joint than it did just a week ago.

On the end of an horrific challenge in the Copa America final, Alexis tweeted photos showing a badly bruised and swollen ankle.

Now, after returning home to Chile to continue his recovery with family, he’s posted another picture and all looks back to normal:

después de un largo día 💤📸📷📸📸 continuar con mi recuperación ⚽️🐶👸🏽

A photo posted by Alexis Sanchez (@alexis_officia1) on

Thursday saw numerous reports claim that he was set to miss the start of the season but as we discussed here, most of those articles seemed to be based on a lot of guesswork.

While we don’t claim that this photo means he’s recovered completely and we know the sort of rehabilitation that is needed for injuries, especially those concerning joints, we felt this picture should, at least, calm people down a little bit.

At least until the next ‘drama’ appears to fill our non-footballing weeks of summer.