When the England manager calls and tells you you’re going to the Euros to represent your country even though you’ve played just five minutes of football all season, what do you do?

You go. Of course you do.

It’s perhaps not surprising that Jack Wilshere is coming in for a lot of criticism after England crashed out of the Euros at the hands of Iceland, but it hardly seems fair.

Hodgson should never have selected him and then, having done so, should have used him more.

How, exactly, was Wilshere expected to be at his best when he had missed nearly all the season and was not able to get regular playing time at the tournament to find any rhythm?

He played a total of 112 minutes – 12 v Russia, 0 v Wales, 56 v Slovakia and 46 against Iceland, starting just one game (Slovakia).

The Daily Star are just one of a number who rated England’s players at the tournament and they gave Wilshere a big fat 2 out 10 for his performances. A 2 is, perhaps, not an unfair rating if you take his performances in isolation, but when you factor in the circumstances, it’s just ridiculous.

To put that in context, they gave Adam Lallana a 4 and Dele Alli a 3.

daily star wilshere england rating

At least they got it right when they gave Harry Kane a 1.

State of him.