Before I start this I’m going to be honest – I couldn’t have cared less about what was going on in the world of Arsenal this weekend.

Sure, I watched the Euro games as Aaron Ramsey and co. knocked out my home country to ensure that Wales had put Northern Ireland out of Europe twice in as many days.

I sort of paid attention as Olivier Giroud grabbed an assist as the French came behind against Ireland to make sure that the island, in terms of footballing accomplishment this summer at least, would be united.

I listened as Granit Xhaka assured us his penalty miss would make him stronger, but wondered if he’d only done it so he’d fit in with his new teammates who don’t seem to even know what a penalty is.

I pondered if Mesut Ozil had missed his just to make the new boy feel a bit better, but concluded he didn’t and probably shouldn’t be allowed to take spot kicks too often.

I laughed, a little, as reports emerged that Arsenal had agreed terms with Romelu Lukaku and managed to snap myself out of my post-Brexit slump long enough to be able to rubbish it entirely. Well, almost entirely. In these crazy times, anything is possible, I guess.

But mostly, I couldn’t get the referendum out of my head and how we were out of Europe with no chance of finishing fourth next year to get back in.

Could this be what life after Wenger will feel like?

Maybe. Maybe just a little. Maybe not at all.

Who knows anything these days?