Alan Shearer has slammed the former England manager, Roy Hodgson, for picking Jack Wilshere to travel to France after the Three Lions’ 2-1 loss to Iceland in the Euros.

The loss, which saw England knocked out and Iceland progress to the quarter-finals, was deserved. England and Wilshere showed nothing and, considering the talent of player on the pitch, this shouldn’t have been the case. With this in mind, you can only blame the manager and Roy promptly stepped down afterwards.

Shearer, who has 63 England caps himself, was flabbergasted by Roy’s decision to bring Jack who had missed almost the entire Arsenal season through injury.

Admittedly, even from an Arsenal fan’s perspective, I was a little surprised that he brought Jack. I know a lot of people rate his ability and I don’t doubt that he’s talented but surely the squad would have been better off without a player who has been out for the best part of a year. Not just from a fitness perspective but he would also have been lacking huge amounts of confidence and so would his peers.