Things have, perhaps not unexpectedly been a bit quite over the last few days.

With no actual football to talk about and the UK tearing itself apart at the seems, even the normal transfer balls that gets us all going didn’t seem to do the trick.

There is little to recap (unless you want me to go into a Britexit rant and I assure you, 52% of you don’t want that at all).

Granit Xhaka blew his penalty quiet impressively so the Swiss are out and we can now look forward to seeing him join up with Arsenal before the end of July. It’s not ideal that his pre-season with his new club will be short, but we do what we can with what we have.

Aaron Ramsey helped Wales overcome a dogged Northern Ireland to secure their passage through to the quarters. They were lucky, as anyone who watched the game will know, but as usual, Ramsey was one of the standout players on the pitch.

And that is probably all there is to talk about or, at the very least, all I can be bothered to talk about.

I’ve got an Irish passport to be applying for, you know.