Wayne Rooney has returned the favour and heaped praise onto England team-mate, Jack Wilshere.

Last week, Wilshere spoke highly of the Manchester United goal-scorer, claiming that the 30-year-old was far from past it and was the Red Devils’ best player last season.

Now, the former Evertonian has spoken up about Wilshere during his England press conference, making sure that everyone (including the press) know that he thinks the Arsenal man is just swell (insert thumbs up emoji).

“He can take the ball and run at players & he can create chances,” Rooney continued.

“Jack doesn’t have to prove himself to us as a team-mate.

“He’s an unbelievable player with a lot of ability. I’m sure if he comes in [to the England starting XI], he won’t let anyone down.”

See world? Do you see how much the England team love, respect and admire each other? What wonderful times we live in!

Please excuse my skepticism.