Shortly after signing a five-year contract with Bayern Munich, Mats Hummels admitted that Arsenal never wanted him, despite reports.

The German defender was linked to both the Gunners and Manchester United while he was with Borussia Dortmund but he insists that we were never after him, nor was anyone from Spain, contrary to rumours.

“I don’t have to beat about the bush, and pretend Arsenal wanted me,” he said to .

“There was no offer. The same applies for Spain, there was always contact but no option right now.

“That’s why I now have made the fundamental decision to continue my career in Germany.”

It’s interesting because at one point, I was convinced we would sign him. However, after the rumour emerged that he could join United, I figured we weren’t interested. It now seems we were never after him in the first place.

The centre-back also admitted that he snubbed the Red Devils in favour of Champions League football.

Germany’s defender Mats Hummels plays the ball against Poland’s forward Robert Lewandowski (back) during the Euro 2016 group C football match between Germany and Poland at the Stade de France stadium in Saint-Denis near Paris on June 16, 2016. (FRANCK FIFE/AFP/Getty Images)

“Fundamentally, England, Spain and Germany were the relevant leagues I could see myself playing football in,” Hummels revealed.

“But at this stage there just was not that one English club where the overall package was fitting.

“The overall package means: a club which fascinates me; a club I have always wanted to join, and where the sporting constellation is right, and which of course plays Champions League football next season.

“And because of the latter one club was ruled out, and you can envision which club that was.”

It’s interesting and refreshing to hear a footballer being so honest and concise about his decisions to join or not join a club. Most of the time they just spout media trained drivel designed to talk up their new club and its fans, and they end up making vague statements about ambition.

Players also often exaggerate the amount of clubs interested in them. It makes them look good but it’s good to see him being honest about the fact we weren’t in the running to sign him.