Emile Heskey decided to take a break from not scoring for Bolton Wanderers (this would be a lot funnier if the season hadn’t finished) to urge Jamie Vardy to stay at Leicester City.

The 38-year-old striker believes that if Vardy stays with the Foxes, he can become a legend and even insinuated that he’s got more chance of winning the Premier League with them than Arsenal.

“I think he should stay,” he said to the Express.

“He’s at the age where he could really set a legacy at Leicester. Sign a four or five year deal at Leicester and really be a Leicester legend.

“He’s won the Premier League now, is he gonna win the league at Arsenal? At the end of the day he’s a legend at Leicester, he’s loved in the city – he loves the city as well.”

(PAUL ELLIS/AFP/Getty Images)


I’m not sure what Heskey, who coincidentally left Leicester for Liverpool back in 2000, has to do with this at all but everyone else has had their say so he might as well join in. Implying that Vardy’s more likely to win the title again with the Foxes just because he has before makes no sense, especially considering they’ll have a considerably more congested fixture list next season.

Would Vardy prefer to be a Leicester legend, which he might well become, or play for Arsenal? The choice is still his.