There seems no likelihood that Arsene Wenger will leave Arsenal to become the England manager but that doesn’t mean the speculation and gossip is going to die down any time soon.

Over the past season we’ve listened to reports that Arsenal would offer him a new deal, and those reports are back again this week in the wake of the England rumours.

But as Paul went into in depth on Wednesday night, it could be that England believe that Wenger knows exactly what Hodgson has done wrong – he knows players are stupid and aren’t all able to adapt to multiple changes of systems – and that’s one of the many reasons they want him.

As Paul says in his column, “Why would you choose to confuse the modern day footballer by changing his role from one game to the next? Why compound that by changing the system?

“Perhaps, then, it is unsurprising that a man as astute as Arsène Wenger would recognise this .”

Could this be at the root of the interest? Or is it simply because he could be free next summer?

Read a more in-depth version of this post here that probably makes a bit more sense.