Danny Welbeck says that it is ‘difficult to handle’ how Arsenal’s title challenge has faded this season.

The Gunners were well placed at the turn of the year to pick up their 14th league title (yes, Arsenal have already won 13) but their form stuttered and spluttered and they fell behind Leicester and Tottenham while also crashing out of the champions League and FA Cup.

It has not been a good 2016 for Arsenal, but Danny Welbeck’s return has been one of only a few bright spots.

Scoring the only goal of the game against Norwich on Saturday, Welbeck did not hold back with how he felt about the team blowing their title chances while he was recovering on the sidelines.

“Everyone’s very disappointed,” he told Sky Sports so soon after the game that he hadn’t even caught his breath.

“We knew it was a great opportunity to go for the title this season and it’s difficult to handle the way it’s ended; it’s not ended yet but the way it’s ending.

“We know in ourselves we should be doing better than this.”

Welbeck was also asked about being played out wide, a question he remarked he’s been asked a thousand times already.

“I prefer to play as a striker but once I’m on the football pitch I’m going to do my best and try and win the game for my team.”

Shocking stuff.