Reports are emerging from Germany that Arsenal have made a bid for Granit Xhaka but it’s far, far too little.

Talks have allegedly been ongoing between Borussia Monchengladbach and Arsenal, with the north London team eager to bring their 23-year-old midfielder, Xhaka, over to the red side. However, despite these talks, according to Bild, we’ve made an official bid… Of €25m….

The Bundesliga team are said to want at the very least €40m and, therefore, it looks as if Arsenal are taking the Micky – to put it nicely.

Although I understand the need to negotiate, it sounds as if Arsenal don’t really know how to go about it. As much as we don’t want to pay over the odds, this isn’t the first time we’ve blatantly undervalued a player and it doesn’t look good from our perspective. It’s clear Monchengladbach want to sell and I doubt they care about who to.

As far as Xhaka is concerned, it looks as if we don’t rate him as highly as his current club, which, to him, might be taken as an insult and put him off coming here at all.

Saying all this, Bild isn’t the be all and end all of everything Bundesliga-related. It’s best to just sit back and see how this one plays out.