Aaron Ramsey has proven yet again that’s he’s a certified #lad™ by bringing up all the banter he and the Welsh national team have.

Speaking while away training with his country, the midfielder revealed how well the team get on.

“We’re on a Whatsapp group, the banter is flying on it,” Ramsey said. Sounds dangerous.

“We’re a good group of lads, we all understand our roles and responsibilities on the pitch but also we enjoy each other’s company; we’re quite a closely knit group.”

Well I never. The real question here is on a scale of 1 – Eboue, how much banter do they have and does his national team have as much banter as Arsenal? Because our boys are outrageous.

The 25-year-old shared a picture on Instagram of him and his Welsh chums setting off on their coach with their little backpacks like it’s the first day of school.


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Bless ’em. All joking aside, it’s lovely to see him excited and happy.