When Mohamed Elneny first start playing for Arsenal and many of us remarked at how happy he was to shoot from distance, we joked that we’d soon train that out of him. And we were right.

Speaking to Arsenal.com about his first few months as a Gunner, the midfielder repeated how proud he was to be part of our club and how he’s having to adapt his style to suit both the Premier League and the team. Part of this has been, as he puts it, to be more of a team player and not shoot as much.

“I used to shoot a lot when I was at Basel but sometimes this doesn’t suit our style here,” the Egyptian said.

“[Wenger] taught me to be more of a team player rather than taking chances on my own and shooting from long range. I also paid attention to my team-mates and took their advice. That has helped me to improve my performances already. When you have shot from long range, you’ve had some success.”


Arsenal are known for their passing football and team goals – this is what is supposed to make our style of play so lovely to watch. However, how many times have we shouted at the players/our TV/computer screens, “just shoot!”, this season?

Although I agree that looking for the right pass rather than risking a shot is often the best option, sometimes, just sometimes, it’d be nice if our players could take a chance and have a go.