David Seaman has insisted that Arsenal’s season was actually pretty good and that he doesn’t want Arsene Wenger to leave.

The former goalkeeper has shown solidarity for his old boss, insisting that the Frenchman is still the right man for the job, despite us not winning a trophy this season.

“Arsenal had a good season. It wasn’t brilliant because we didn’t win anything, but to finish second is a great achievement,” Seaman said to Talksport.

“But there are still doubts – doubts over the manager and the team and whether it can push on.

“For me, Arsene is the best. I love the guy and I certainly don’t want to see him leave. I’ve worked with him and know how good he is.

“More and more fans are getting on the Wenger Out bandwagon and I’m just desperate for him to win the league again just to shut everybody up.”

19 Mar 2002: Arsenal manager Arsene wenger and David Seaman at a press conference ahead of their Champions League match against Juventus at Delle Alpi Stadium, Turin. DIGITAL IMAGE. Mandatory Credit: Mike Hewitt/Getty Images

Although many will disagree with Seaman that we had a good season, it is rather amusing that, despite playing terribly at times, we managed to finish higher than Spurs (once again), in the highest position for years. Whether this says more about Tottenham’s ability to flop than where we currently stand in terms of quality, I’m not 100% sure but we’ll soon find out.

Having our former players step out in favour of Wenger is a good way to get fans back on side. He has at least a year left on his existing contract, which means, no matter how you feel about the direction of the club or the manager, he’s not going anywhere this summer.