If there’s one thing you can level at this Arsenal side with certainty, it’s that they have a collective confidence made of the same stuff as Jack Wilshere’s ankles.

They had a brilliant chance to claim the league title this season for the first time since the Invincibles, but they spluttered in games that should have been straightforward and showed a serious lack of bottle in fight in other games.

‘Mental strength’ is something we always hear from Arsene Wenger, but what of the players? Recently we’ve had Santi Cazorla coming out and saying things need to change. Now Hector Bellerin has revealed perhaps more than he meant to.

Bellerin told Sky Sports “It adds to the frustration when in both games you’ve seen you’ve been superior to them [Leicester] and played better football than them.

“We’ve managed to beat the champions so that makes us think we had a bigger chance than we thought.

“Leicester were great contenders in both games, they had great ideas, knew what to do with the ball and were organised. That’s what helps them get through to the title.”

That makes us think we had a bigger chance than we thought.


We were just a few points away from Leicester at the turn of the year, had already beaten them and with Danny Welbeck’s last minute winner at the Emirates, propelled ourselves back into the race.

How could they look around their squad, compared to Leicester’s, and not believe that they had a chance to win the title?

Top athletes come into this world knowing that they can win things.

How did we end up with so many who don’t?

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