Anthony Taylor will take charge of Arsenal’s game against Manchester City on Sunday.

The ref, who is statistically the best referee in the Premier League this season (I know, I didn’t believe it either) is actually commonly held to be one of the worst refs in the division.

He’s not a biased ref, although his performance in a few Arsenal games could call that statement into question, just a truly awful one.

Taylor’s last game in charge of Arsenal was the Watford Premier League match and despite Taylor seemingly being the curse of death to Arsenal, we have quite a good record when he’s in charge.

Arsenal have won all matches that Taylor has been in charge this season (Chelsea in Community Shield, Premier League v Manchester United, Newcastle United and Watford.)

An infuriating ref who is slow to get his cards out even though he likes to give every foul possible, the only thing you can be sure of when Taylor is in charge is that he will do something stupid.

Mike Jones will serve as fourth official while L Betts and S Burt will be the assistants.