Spurs legend, Paul Gascoigne, revealed recently that he actually backed Arsenal to win the League over his former team.

At the beginning of the season, despite our loss on the opening day to West Ham, things were rosy. We were playing reasonably well while Chelsea were bumbling about trying to do up their boots. Manchester City were dropping points, Manchester United had forgotten how to play and it really looked like we could win the title.

Former Spurs man Gazza agreed and revealed to Piers Morgan *gag* on Good Morning Britain recently that he’d backed us to win the League.

Via Mirror

To be fair, most people did. No one could have dreamed that Spurs would actually end up looking like a far better team than us or that they would be in contention for the title.

“I back Arsenal to win the League,” he said.

“I put 50-quad on them.”

I’m sure the former England international has never been more thrilled to be wrong in his entire life.