It all started so well for Arsenal and then we remembered who we are and what we represent and bottled it yet again.

It was such a typical Premier League match for Arsenal – great passes and total nonsense in defence, lots of goals and tight till the last minute.

Here are my ratings from the game:

David Ospina – 6

We were all wondering why he started and perhaps Dave was as well. Once again, he made a few decent saves but really should have done better for the goals.

Hector Bellerin – 6

Bellerin didn’t do much on Saturday. Struggled against their attackers.

Gabriel – 5.5

I wish Per was in his place. Gab looked lost against Carroll and the end result was terrified Arsenal fans and a Carroll hattrick.

Laurent Koscielny – 7

Kos did well and scored the equaliser. Generally, he was much better than the rest of defence and made some decent clearances.

Nacho Monreal – 6.5

Nacho struggled against the West Ham attack just like Bellerin and didn’t do much up front besides that shot they saved on the line. He’s also not a favourite of Craig Pawson who allowed West Ham to foul him with impunity.

Francis Coquelin – 6.5

I thought Le Coq was just okay just like in last few matches after his idiotic red at Tottenham. He made a few fouls and didn’t do much else, negative or positive.

Mohamed Elneny –  6.5

Elneny looked good at the start of the game and it’s great to have him in the side. Just like many others on Saturday, he nothing special.

Mesut Ozil – 6.5

Mesut graced us with a goal early on and a few Mesut passes but that’s it. Like many, he went missing in second half.

Alex Iwobi – 7

Another good match from our boy Iwobi with two assists. He was a bright spot amongst so many average performances. He is full of confidence right now, and rightly so.

Alexis – 6

I thought about giving him 6.5 but then I remembered that he didn’t use his left foot to get us the win. I’m still frustrated with that even though he got on the scoresheet.

Danny Welbeck – 6

Danny had a poor match minus his assist for Kos. He was running and working hard but it’s not enough. He didn’t look dangerous at any point.

Aaron Ramsey – 6

Ramsey was our first sub and brought some urgency in the midfield and created some chances. It didn’t help.

Olivier Giroud – 5.5

Oli had a few half chances but couldn’t do much.

Theo Walcott – n/a

Came on late, did nothing. Standard really from him these days.