Mesut Ozil was instrumental once again as Arsenal brushed past Watford. Here we look at his display in more detail.

Mesut Ozil enjoyed a good game on Saturday in the 4-0 win against Watford.

As usual he was playing in his favourite playmaker role, positioned quite high on the pitch in behind Wellbeck.

He was, of course, free to roam on both wings, tending to go more often on the right to combine with Sanchez and Bellerin, but sometimes going left alongside Iwobi and Montreal.

Ozil was always trying to ghost between the midfield and defensive line of the Hornets and create space in the interval to find the runners. He could have scored in the 12th minute when he made a superb overlapping run to the left side of Wellbeck, who decided to have a pop at the goal and sent a weak shot rather than slip it to then unmarked playmaker.

The German made decent crosses from the right side of the attack; one of them reached Welbeck whose shot was deflected wide of the post. Another was cleared to the edge of the penalty area where Coquelin unleashed a rocket that that unfortunately blocked by a Watford defender.

He also won a free kick 25 yards from the goal that Sanchez put on target with Gomes needing to go at full stretch to put it into corner. Overall Ozil had his usual influence on the Arsenal attack in the first half.

The second half started well with a big chance straight after the Bellerin goal. In the 50th minute, Iwobi hit the crossbar and Ozil, totally unmarked, tried to volley the ball in the top corner but it went wide.

There was soon another chance, after a fantastic keep ball sequence around the edge of the penalty area was concluded with a perfect through by Sanchez but Ozil’s shot was well saved by Gomes.

Another quality cross from the right reached Wellbeck’s head but the forward’s shot lacked power.

The German’s precious influence was clear for all to see in that second half. He was present in the build up play, making things simple when needed and was offering a solution to make sure ball retention quality did not drop.

Ozil was also at the heart of a very nice interchange on the left side with Elneny and Iwobi involved in a play that lead to corner.  He won the foul that led to a booking for Watford’s right-back Nyom, who was fed up with all the tricks and passes around him.

His set plays were on point as well as his corners, the last finding Giroud got a header in but it was easily saved by Gomes.  Late in the game, he started an attacking triangular move with Campbell and Giroud who came close to scoring but the Frenchman’s touch was not strong enough.

Finally, Ozil had then a big hand on the fourth and last Arsenal goal with a delightful pass to Campbell who crossed it for an easy tap-in for Walcott.

It was definitely a good performance for the German against Watford, the only shame being he did not manage to get his name on the scoresheet or grab another assist to move him closer to Thierry Henry’s record.