Arsene Wenger has been under fire this season because Arsenal had a chance to win the Premier League title for the first time since 2004, but faltered down the stretch.

After a strong start to the season, the Gunners were one of online soccer betting favourites to win the league, but they were surpassed by Leicester City and Tottenham, and currently find themselves trying to fight off Manchester City for the 4th spot in the league.

Arsenal fans can count Piers Morgan among those that want the team to replace Arsene Wenger, something he’s never been quiet about, as their coach, and he sat down with talkSPORT to give his reasons why.

According to Morgan, he has been called every name in the book for speaking out (some would say with good reason) about Wenger’s incompetence over the years by other Arsenal fans that still believe Wenger is a genius because of what he did over 12 years ago.

Morgan pointed out that Wenger has been content with finishing fourth in the Premier League every year and getting eliminated in the Champions League Round of 16, which he finds surprising because of how good the team used to be. He continues to show no appreciation for what has happened in the intervening decade.

Since their last league title in 2004, the other big clubs in England like Manchester United, Chelsea, and Manchester City have won the title at least twice, but Arsenal’s best finish in that span was a second place finish in 2005. None of those clubs, however, have had to build and finance a new stadium.

When asked why his team has failed to compete with the other clubs, Wenger has been quick to point out that the other clubs have wealthy owners, allowing them to spend on players.

A massive hole in Wenger’s excuse is the fact that the top two teams in the Premier League this season are Leicester City and Tottenham, who don’t have anywhere near the spending power that clubs like Arsenal do, although Tottenham have historically spent large amounts, often stupidly.

On Paper, Arsenal have more talent than both clubs, but have fallen behind both in the league which is something that falls on the manager.

In the last two seasons, Wenger has been able to keep the disgruntled fans at bay by winning the FA Cup but this season, Arsenal will finish without any silverware, which will upset even his most loyal fans.

While Morgan made a few good points about Wenger’s lack of success in the past decade, he also acknowledged the fact that the club owner will be reluctant to fire the manager.

According to Morgan, the best solution would be for Wenger to admit that he hasn’t done a good job lately and resign. But we all know that won’t happen.

Even if Wenger does resign, Morgan believes that the team has missed out on the opportunity to land any of the top coaches.

Big name coaches like Pep Guardiola and Jurgen Klopp have already committed to other clubs. According to Morgan, Guardiola initially wanted to manage Arsenal and was going to bring former Arsenal great Thierry Henry with him as his second in command, but Wenger refused to walk away from the club and Guardiola decided to go to Manchester City instead.

Then again, we only have Morgan’s word for all that and we all know that Morgan’s word counts for little.