Per Mertesacker believes Arsenal need to be more disciplined defensively in a statement that was about as helpful as informing a fish that water is wet.

Speaking to ahead of the Premier League game at the weekend against Crystal Palace, the club’s vice captain, who has been linked with a move away from the club, highlighted flaws from Arsenal’s most recent performance but failed to realise that he could have just repeated any one of a hundred statements that he’s already given on the issue.

“[We need] discipline,” Per told Arsenal player.

“We lacked a bit of that desperation, even when 2-0 up at West Ham, to defend and get everyone behind the ball.

“To come back to that level is absolutely important in the Premier League, and if you don’t you will get punished. These details are very important to us and everyone can see it, it is obvious.

“We want to win every single match now, to put the teams in front of us under pressure. We have got the belief we can win every single one and that is the task from now on: to concentrate on the next one.

Thankfully, ahead of the new season, Arsenal have ordered a new excuse manual which should mix things up a little bit when we come back after the summer break.