When it comes to winning the league, there are a few ways to go about it.

You can find the experience invigorating, enthralling, exciting or terrifying.

If you’re an Arsenal fan, it’s likely that you find it all of the above, but most likely that last thing – terrifying.

And we know what it feels like to win a league title.

Leciester don’t.

They have no idea how unreal it feels.

But as they close in on history, their players and fans are all going about things in the best possible way. They are enjoying and loving every single minute of it and that is surely the best way to make the experience all it can be.

Us Arsenal fans, on the other hand, are spending every minute obsessing and worrying over what will go wrong next.

Needing just four more wins to seal the most unlikely of title wins, Leicester are simply having fun.

“The pressure was last season when you’re backs are to the wall,” Kasper Schmeichel said.

“We were fighting for our lives, relegation means everything to a club, to a city, to a whole community.

 “People lose their jobs. That would have been catastrophic for us. That was real pressure. This is just great. We are enjoying this.”

It’s hard not to feel good about Leicester winning the title, even if it means Arsenal missing out (especially if it means Spurs not getting their grubby little mitts on it), but that in itself causes a brain/heart disconnect that just adds confusion on top of the terror.

I remember when football used to be fun, and watching Leicester this season reminds us all of that. It’s hard not to identify with what they are feeling. Besides, we all love a good underdog.

Leicester remind us of a simpler time, when football was just about who had the best team not the most money. When supporting your team felt like a pleasure rather than a chore. An event to look forward to rather than 90 minutes to be endured.

But in a way, it all also makes watching Arsenal even more frustrating because it used to be fun. It used to be a pleasure. It was an event.

Now it seems like it’s anything but.

Well, some of the time, anyway.