Arsenal say goodbye to an historic English ground as they play West Ham.

West Ham United are moving from the iconic Boleyn Ground to fancy new Olympic Stadium next season, leaving behind a great amount of history. So today, April 9th 2016, for Arsenal’s last match at Boleyn Ground, I decided to take a look at how Arsenal did at this old stadium, since it was built in 1904.

The first match was played in FA Cup on January 187 1906, a replay that saw Woolwich Arsenal win 3-2 and go through to the next round. Attendance was 12,000. While I mention attendance, the highest recorded attendance for West Ham v. Arsenal was 40,492 in the 1930 Fa Cup.

Our biggest wins there are 4-0. I say “wins” because there was more than one of them with the same result. Of course, we did have bad matches there. Our biggest loss was massive 7-0 back in 1927. Thankfully, it was very long time ago, and recently Arsenal have loved visiting West Ham. We recorded only one draw in the last eight matches, with seven wins and 18 goals scored.

Out of 61 matches played at Boleyn Ground between Arsenal and West Ham, the Gunners won 26, while the Hammers had only 14 wins. Arsenal also scored 20 more goals, 95 compared to 75 from West Ham. It’s a good ground for us, it will surely be missed! But we’ll make more memories and good results at Olympic Park, I am sure!

Hope you like this infographic, I went with old newspaper theme this time!

boleyn ground