The season is coming to a close and attention inevitably turns to how the following campaign will go, chiefly: who needs to sign new players and who will they sign?

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry has candidly told Sky Sports that, he feels, the Gunners need a star striker to lead the line in order to win the Premier League.

There had been hopes that Arsène Wenger’s men would win the title this season but, having fallen away, the focus is now on getting into the Champions League.

Though fans are frustrated and supporters of other clubs will ridicule Arsenal’s presence in the competition (really? Is it really ‘funny’ that we’re in 4th and your club is lower?) Henry has reiterated just why involvement in Europe’s top competition is vital.

“If you want to build for next season you need to be in the Champions League to attract good players,” Henry said.

Nonetheless, that doesn’t make things easier. To truly improve, Arsenal need a world class striker. They simply aren’t easy to come by – they’re either already at the best and richest clubs in the world or, if they’re even available, you have to fight with those clubs to sign them.

Arsenal legend Thierry Henry is hoping to see a new striker in north London next season. (Photo by Richard Heathcote/Getty Images)

“Where are you going to get a Sergio Agüero, a (Robert) Lewandowski or a (Luis) Suarez from?

“But the problem is Manchester City are going to be in the market next season, so will Chelsea, Man United, and Liverpool.”

Arsenal are in talks to extend the contracts of superstars Mesut Özil and Alexis Sánchez, who have both shone at different times this season.

The onus on a new signing would be far less if those two remain at the club and continue to deliver and Henry knows it.

“It’s not always easy but who is going to stay? If you know who is going to stay then you can think more about who is going to come in.

“I go back to what Arsenal said that the team does not need many changes and if Sanchez can perform the way he is at the minute, and we have Mesut Özil carrying on giving the assists he has been giving since the beginning of the season, then you would like to think a striker who can score [can make all the difference].”

Arsenal wouldn’t even necessarily need that striker. Olivier Giroud has his strengths and has been good again for the majority of the season and Danny Welbeck has earned the chance to play regularly down the middle at some point.

That said, Arsenal surely will delve into the summer transfer market. The club is being heavily linked with a move for a midfielder while many fans would like to see a new defender added, plus a wide player as well.

Henry is certain the manager will indeed look to invest in the squad once the campaign ends.

“But it’s going to be a very busy summer for Arsene because you need to get that excitement back so that the fans can look forward to something next season.”